Getting Products Registered with the EPA

Palmero Health Care  pic
Palmero Health Care

Kenneth Paul Palmero has served as the owner and principal of Palmero Health Care for the last 17 years. Under the management and guidance of Kenneth Paul Palmero, Palmero Health Care markets its own line of infection control products, many of which are registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), making them safe for use in a variety of clinical settings.

EPA registration is an important classification when it comes to infection control product safety. The purpose of the EPA is to “protect human health and the environment” by writing and enforcing policies and laws created by the US government, so consumers often look for this verification on products.
In order for an infection control product to become registered with the EPA, companies must submit an application, and the product itself must undergo extensive testing. Kill times and specific claims regarding pathogens must be accurate in order for a company to use it on their labeling. Testing is done in various EPA laboratories, and the results are available to the general population in the interest of public health.


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